Office of consensual monuments

C Complejo art_media

Av. Corrientes 6271 - CABA 

Free admission. *the only activity that requires previous enrollment is on Sunday May 26th.

OMC schedule

Monday May 20th
19 hs. Opening

Tuesday May 21st
19 hs. Debate workshop: History as merchandise. Gentrification in Buenos Aires from 1990 till today.
By Margarita Martínez.

At the end of the 90s, Buenos Aires underwent a transformation only comparable to the modernization of the end of the 19th century.
The goal is to make the city more understandable from its most recent modifications, in order to cope with the globalization standards based on the usury of history.
The discussion will focus on space and time, the ways in which matter is tamed, the speculations of urban developers, the mirages of the future and the past represented on an ever-moving plane.

Wednesday May 22nd
17 hs. Visita sucinta al Monumento al Contrabandista (Succinct Visit to the Monument of the Smuggler).

By Lux Lindner.

Back fence of the Casa Rosada, by the Eje Cívico.

Thursday May 23rd
17 hs. Conversation with Lux Lindner: ¿Por qué necesitamos un Monumento al Contrabandista Nacional? (Why do we need a Monument of the National Smuggler?)

By Juan Laxagueborde (sociologist).

Saturday May 25th
17 hs. Performance conference: Nada es más peligroso que una estatua y su aparente inmovilidad (Nothing is more dangerous than a statue and its apparent immobility).

By Marcelo Valko (Psychologist and historian).

Monuments never stay still. The pretend to be passive. With their mise-en-scène, they offer a quietness that looks more like simulation than innocence. They impose themselves through social imagination, hindering the possibility of thinking and condemning us to the asymmetry of mental categories, a discourse tied to the taste of power.

Sunday May 26th
17 hs.  Mobile conference: El Exilio de los Monumentos no Deseados (The Exile of Undesired Monuments)

The Costanera as a place for discarding extemporary or anachronistic emblems. From the Fuente de las Nereidas sculpture to the new Monument to Columbus. An unprecedented journey through devaluated iconographies.
By Ana Markman (philosopher).

Meeting point: OMC. C Complejo art_media Av. Corrientes 6271 - CABA

Monday May 27th
19 hs. Workshop: How to place your monument in the City. Step-by-step instructions for approval and placement of new monuments in the City of Buenos Aires.

By public official to be confirmed.

By Juan Vacas (General Director on Heritage, Museums and Historic Centre).