La remPlaza

May 25th and 26th

Parque Rivadavia - Feria de libros
Av. Rivadavia 4900 - CABA


Meeting point: mast on the corner of Av. Rivadavia and Doblas.

During the restoration works in Parque Rivadavia, the book stands, record and curiosities stalls of its fair were temporarily transferred to the main avenue. In their original location, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is building the foundations to extend Beauchef street onto the park, despite the resident's resistance. The performance offers the public the possibility of becoming an eye witness of the case by visiting the terrain under dispute. From its circumstantial placement, the traditional fair offers a wide variety of evidence in the exhibited merchandise and the intimacy of its stands. While the city is negotiating a traffic expansion, prioritizing car functionality over the territory, the singularity of each testimony reveals a cultural heritage that connects with the interior of each of the park's pathways. Visitors remain, and each displacement celebrates an unknown dispersion.